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A quick letter to Crystal and Andrew. . .

And in a few short weeks, everything has changed.

Things  happened so quickly that I haven’t had time to update everyone, but Crystal is now in Orlando and has wrapped up her week of training.  She is anxiously awaiting whatever comes next.

Andrew, who has worked for Fed Ex in Nashville for the past year, casually asked at work if he could transfer to the hub in Orlando, and it was quickly approved.  He has wrapped up his first week at his new job as well.

They are rooming with Hayley in a beautiful furnished condo they found in a small town called Celebration.  It is fairy-tale ish, most likely because it was designed and built by Walt Disney himself.  

There is no doubt in my mind that Orlando will be impressed with these kids. They are hard workers, and that in itself is pretty rare these days.

And so, that leaves the rest of us to figure out a way to move on without them.  Easier said than done, as shown in my last e mail to them.  It was in response to an e mail Andrew sent, asking how the family was doing.

Dear Andrew and Crystal,  

Mallee is sad and misses you.  She has become like Pickles and can only make left turns, so people are starting to talk because she keeps bumping into things.

Bobo tried to hang himself in the vent in the floor with his collar again.  When I got home yesterday, he was dragging the whole thing around with him, and it weighed more than he does. 

 Definitely more cute than smart, that dog.  Just like a Grimes, I guess.

Then there’s Dad.  He’s sounding more and more like Ben every day.  He grunts when he is displeased with life. All the other times, he is working or sleeping or drinking an occasional milkshake.

I will start that home cooking thing soon.  I haven’t found a way to be at home much, and will be at work for tournaments for most of the next two weeks. It would serve you right for me to become a great cook now that you are gone, so that is definitely part of my evil plan.

Just know that somewhere in my future, I will feed a hungry child and will think of you.

Everything just feels real empty without the two of you here.  I keep expecting you to come bellowing in the door and screaming “Yanet!” at the top of your lungs for no other reason than to let me know you are home.  I miss hearing Crystal tap dance in her bathroom and the sound of her pizza maker on the counter. She never bellowed, but I could always feel when she was there.

I don’t love our new arrangement, but that’s what I get for getting emotionally attached to you people.  You both took a huge part of me with you, and I will have to reinvent myself in some way and become a dream chaser, just like you. 

Like I said, this is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me, but I couldn’t be more proud of you. I love that God has bigger things in mind for you than even I could have imagined, and stand in awe of you for taking that leap of faith.

I love you both all the all the way up to Heaven and back, or down to
Orlando and back. 

Either place feels equally far away at the moment.

Love always, Marvelous



  1. Izzybef
    Izzybef February 27, 2008

    I can’t believe your kids are “grown ups.” Or at least they are trying to act like “grown ups,” whatever that means. :o) From now on, they cannot be anywhere near my children for fear of my children getting these big ideas of one day running off to another state and being “on their own.” But seriously, your kids are pretty amazing people…you and Tommy aren’t too bad either. :o) We love all of you dearly and are lifting y’all up in prayer a lot.

  2. Joyce M.
    Joyce M. July 26, 2011

    “I love that God has bigger things in mind for you than even I could have imagined, and stand in awe of you for taking that leap of faith.”

    This part is quite touching. I can’t imagine my kids growing up at this point, but I know God has bigger plans for them as well.

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