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About Me

Janet Morris Grimes
Contact info:
Janet Morris Grimes
563 Farmington Drive
Vine Grove, KY 40175


Janet Morris Grimes is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of three. Originally from Nashville, TN, she currently writes from Vine Grove, Kentucky.

Her first published book, The Parent’s Guide to Uncluttering Your Home, was released through Atlantic Publishing early in 2011.

Janet covers such topics as faith, family, and forever. An editorial contributor to such publications as Today’s Christian Woman, Open to Hope, The Christian Pulse, Mamapedia,The Incurable Disease of Writing, and Nashville Arts and Entertainment.

An aspiring novelist, Janet enjoys spending her free time with imaginary characters so real, you can feel their breath.

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One Comment

  1. Catherine Painter
    Catherine Painter August 25, 2010

    I loved rooming with you at Philly.
    Let’s keep in touch and let me know if and how I can help you and I’ll share if and how you can help me. Maybe we could swap critiquing for help in setting up a blog for me.

    Love you much, Catherine

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