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About Me

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Contact info:
Janet Morris Grimes
220 Magnolia Court
Canton, MI  48187


Janet Morris Grimes is a wife and mother of three. “We all grew up together.” She explains, claiming her now adult children as her best friends. Janet currently writes from Canton, Michigan, relocating there in 2009 from Nashville,Tennessee with her husband’s job transfer.

In December of 2010, she launched Abbandoned Ministries, leading others through writing and speaking to seek God, as Abba, when they feel abandoned. For additional information, visit

“I always imagined myself being given this chance to stay home and finally write when I was 96 years old, and could no longer remember all that I hoped to write about. But here I am, huddled in from the Michigan wind and snow, trying to catch up to all the ideas running around in my head, now that they’ve finally been set free to roam.

Her first published book, The Parent’s Guide to Uncluttering Your Home, is scheduled to be released through Atlantic Publishing early in 2011. A National Novel Writing Month winner for 2010, Janet has many more projects up her proverbial sleeves, and writes on such topics as faith, family, parenting teens and teen issues, writing, uncluttering, and the topic most dear to her heart, the fatherless. An editorial contributor to such publications as Today’s Christian Woman, Open to Hope, The Christian Pulse, Mamapedia, and The Incurable Disease of Writing, Janet knows she will be held accountable for this opportunity to become an author.

“There is no turning back. It’s time to write, or die trying.”

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  1. Catherine Painter
    Catherine Painter August 25, 2010

    I loved rooming with you at Philly.
    Let’s keep in touch and let me know if and how I can help you and I’ll share if and how you can help me. Maybe we could swap critiquing for help in setting up a blog for me.

    Love you much, Catherine

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