Review of I Am Second, by Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett

Four out of Five Stars.

I Am Second. The book and the movement.


I must confess, I am new to the movement.

The I Am Second Movement. It started with a website, ( then social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, all part of a brilliant marketing campaign that includes merchandise, billboards, and videos of personal testimonies featuring the faces and voices of some of the most famous people around.

I was aware of none of this when I agreed to review the book. Which says a lot about the book. It achieves its purpose quite well.

Once I read it, I was riveted by the personal stories, thrilled with the united front that presented a God that meets each person on whatever road he or she travels. And when allowed to infiltrate every fiber of our being, His love and acceptance can truly change everything. This is a message that must be shared.

I appreciate the simplicity of each testimony, the ability to hold nothing back, confess to the pain of horrible decisions, and strip the message down to the basic idea of placing God  first in our lives. What I think is even more effective is the fact that they used famous and should-be-famous faces to express that it is truly cool to be a Christian.

It is not a common message received from Hollywood or the professional sports world, and most would assume that God has no place there. As in the highly chronicled beliefs of Tim Tebow, we do truly need for more of those stories to be shared.

I must say that I found the videos to be more moving than the written words. But at the end of each account in the book, it listed the website with the addresses and scan bar codes for similar stories, taking advantage of all forms of media. That is a smart move for today’s young culture, and allows the words of the book to last long past when the reader has finished reading.

This book  matters, and could provide a great introduction to someone who may have been unchurched or lived a life without God. I do think the writers should have stressed a relationship with Jesus Christ much more than they did. And some stories seemed to be a bit watered down, summed up too quickly, which allowed them to lose a bit of their power.

But again, the mission was accomplished, and for all the right reasons. I do highly recommend this book.

Let the movement continue.

Disclaimer: Thomas Nelson provided a free copy of I Am Secondfor review purposes. I was not required to provide a positive review in response.






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  1. Thomas says:

    Definitely peaked my interest! We all need to hear, and read, of other’s struggles and how they overcome obstacles through a relationship with Jesus Christ! Thank you!

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