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Auditions are in progress. . .

Well, Crystal and her friend Hayley are now in the audition process.  They are numbers 72 and 73, so it still may be a few minutes.  But, they explained that everything will be done by Noon, so we will keep you posted.

As you would expect, Disney has everything down to a science and is very well organized.  They do this on a monthly basis, and those with experience tell us that you never know what they are looking for at any particular time.

We have learned that they are holding character auditions tomorrow at 1:00, so we will stay for that as well.  That would be a very different audition than what Crystal is attending today. 

Her main goal with this entire trip has been that they would get to see her dance.  She wants to make it that far in the process at the very least.

Please pray for her.

Malloree would add that someone needs to pray for the sun to make an appearance while we are here.  Florida just isn’t the same without it.

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