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Captured by a dream…

A funny thing happened on the way to Michigan…
It’s interesting how God takes you down a path, rather up a path in this case, for reasons you never even suspect. 
From the time we first heard rumors of Tommy’s job transfer, now almost three years ago, the only plans I ever had were to move wherever he ended up and get some sort of job.  My resume’ is unique, and if I’ve been able to prove anything through the years, it would be that I’m a hard worker and willing to learn whatever is needed. I would soon realize, however, that these skills don’t convert easily into job interviews in Detroit, Michigan.
For the first time since I was fifteen years old, I found myself without a job. This unexpected time off allowed me to go on a mission trip with my youngest daughter, Malloree.  It provided time for me to be still long enough to answer the question as to what I really wanted to do with my life.  At the same time, the moving process forced me to sort through boxes of stuff I would not touch for any other reason. 
And it was there that I found my answers – in the keepsakes packed in forgotten boxes, in the stillness, in my heart – I still want to be a writer.  That is all I ever hoped to be, but was afraid to admit it.
This is not news to those who know me best, but I suppose it was a dream that deep down, I found several excuses not to pursue.  During all those years of making a living, I could dabble in it without being held accountable for any accomplishments.  I could dream about it without anyone asking how I was progressing.
I attended my first Writer’s Conference back in June, and have been on fire ever since.  I realized that in order for the writing world to take me seriously, I must first do so myself.  This is no longer just a hobby.  
So, the reason for this e-mail is to announce some exciting news that will propel me further down my chosen path:
1) My new website- – This will be a great place keep up with my progress.  It also includes links to just about everything I’ve ever written and/or had published to this point, and a share button to share any article on Facebook or other social networks.  Now any comments made on Facebook about any of my notes will be pulled over the website as well.
2) I have a new e mail address linked to this website:
3) My first article has been published in the digital magazine – Crossroad Magazine.  There is a tab on my website that will show those links, and they have asked me to contribute to additional issues as an Editorial Contributor.
4) I’ve been accepted as a Book Reviewer for Thomas Nelson Books.  There is a tab set up on my website that will show these as well, and there will eventually be a link to my website from theirs to show these reviews. (still waiting on my first book to arrive so I can begin.)
5) A Fan Page has been set up on Facebook for me as an author.  It seems odd to be a fan of books that don’t exist just yet, but I’m working on my first two books as well as a series of childrens stories, and publishers like to see that authors will take part in their own marketing when the time comes. A link to this is on my new website as well.
Most importantly, I ask for your prayers that doors will open as I continue to improve my writing.  There are no shortcuts in this business, and it will require   thousands of hard-working hours to meet my goals.  This will be the hardest “job” I’ve ever had, but I’m no longer afraid to write. 
I’m more afraid now of what happens if I don’t.
The journey starts with this announcement to those that mean the most to me.  I am a writer, and am willing to go wherever that takes me. 
So Lord, give me your words to touch your world…
Janet Morris Grimes

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