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Embracing the Art of Knowing Nothing

For some reason, our plans have a funny way of  never being used – as if our life has chosen us rather than it being the other way around.

 For the past year, we thought we were moving to a new city because of Tommy’s job.  But here we sit with our house on the market, a list of unanswered questions as to where we are headed next, and looking back on a year of waiting for something to happen that never fully developed.  

It served as a great reminder that we are basically in control of little in our lives.  Not knowing the future is kind of unsettling, but yet settling at the same time.  There is nothing we can do about it but wait to see what is revealed to us when the time comes.  

Maybe we were meant to stay here, in a smaller house that doesn’t own us like our current house does.  Maybe we are still meant to go elsewhere, because you don’t really learn who you are and what you are made of until you leave home, right?   

One thing I know for sure – going through the process of getting ready to change everything in your life helps to decide what you need to keep and what has to go.  It’s like packing up your house for a move – you realize that there are many things that you are better off leaving behind.  

So, for now, we continue to embrace the art of knowing nothing, and rest in the fact that God is preparing a place for us.

And I guess we can wait to see it.


  1. Jeanner
    Jeanner January 5, 2008

    As Gerry House would say…. See, see, see, see.
    ‘Bout time .
    And see I cried , you always do that.
    I love you,
    The other one.

  2. Uncle B'ski
    Uncle B'ski January 5, 2008

    Way cool…
    So much to say and so little time.
    One day at a time, as we say in the bizness!
    Uncle B’ski
    (the uncle to everyone… even my sons call me Uncle Dad)

  3. Pops
    Pops January 9, 2008


    I am proud to call you that and not just because it is your Granny name!

    Proud that you are using a gift that God has given you. Your thoughts come from the heart and that it why it is so easy to read your writings.

    I love you and look forward to the day when I get to read your 1st published book and 1st published story in a major publication!

    I love you,

  4. Aunt Jan
    Aunt Jan January 9, 2008

    Wow!! I know you probably do not remember me but , I sure do you and am so glad that you are doing. this. If I am known for something it will proably be for singing crazy tunes to my children when they were little, You on the other hand can express so much so well. I promise to keep in touch as there is lots of news to share both good and not so good.

  5. Uncle Phil
    Uncle Phil January 9, 2008

    Just use what God gives you (and he has given you alot of talent). I look forward to

    seeing what you have to share, whether it causes me to laugh or cry. I know it’ll be

    thought-provoking. Who knows what God has in store for you? I can always say, “I

    remember when”…

  6. MOM
    MOM January 12, 2008

    Keep writing, based on your life-experiences and feelings. Think things through thoroughly before sharing them with the world–keep up the good work!!!

  7. Aunt Betty
    Aunt Betty February 24, 2008

    I enjoyed reading the adventures of the Grimes family.

    It is sad when our dear children grow up and leave home but to move so far is very hard on us moms.

    Our Jonathan lives in Pennsylvania and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live up there in the frozen tundra. We are proud that he is able to live on his own there with his family but sure look forward to his visits at Thanksgiving time. We do our Christmas with them then too.

    If you need a free “motel” on your trips to visit the kids we are about half way to Orlando from Nashville. It is actually an eight hour drive from here.

    Love to all, Aunt Betty

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