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Killer Online Press Releases by Janet Meiners Thaeler

Janet Meiners Thaeler offers this instructional DVD that features the benefits of online press releases versus traditional press releases. By capturing many opportunities that are now available at a low cost to anyone hoping to market a small business, Janet breaks down the popular technological phrases that might freeze a newcomer in its tracks. The way people are obtaining their news coverage and seeking information changes daily, so in order to market to them, our approach must adapt as well.

A traditional press release featured a few paragraphs of information on a one page sheet of paper that was distributed to many news agencies, with the hopes that it would be picked up as a story for coverage for that particular day only. But with the online press release, the options of embedded video, images with captions, and live web links opens many ways to reach a target audience and drive them to to your website or product. Notably, the purpose of the press release may be to gain media attention, but be issuing the online press release, the story is available and continues to draw attention long after its initial release.

Today’s reality of the internet proves that people trust their peers more than they trust marketers. With millions of online blogs available to the public, it benefits those with small businesses to partner with these groups, reaching them first to establish a relationship or endorsement. Janet explains how to spot trends in the industry, improve your ability to move to the top of search engine recommendations, and better understand how the marketing game is now played.

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who feels lost in the translation of Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization, RSS Feeds and many other phrases that lead to confusion. These tools readily available to help you reach your clients, and this video helps to embrace them and use them to reach your goals.

See more on Janet’s products at http://onlineprbook/blog.

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