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Letter to my new Daughter-in-law

Here’s the thing about being a writer; even a writer who feels like it’s been forever since I wrote anything of significance.

My words, always ready and waiting to burst from my seams, express how I truly feel much better than any greeting card or pre-packaged or framed poem. I waste a few hours searching the internet for the perfect gift that says exactly what I want it to say, then I give up in frustration.

This is usually a good thing. Because then, I know it’s time.

I lock my door, turn on some music (usually whatever song matches my mood, on repeat) and give myself permission to release it all to the page.

This happened a few weeks ago, when I was asked to write a letter to the girl who would soon become my daughter-in-law.

My first thought was to promise to never intervene in her marriage or with her family; to give her the support she needed from a distance. To respect her as a wife and mother. To love the love story she has created with my son. I wanted to tell her my son is a better person because of her; and that he was pretty special to start with.

I could easily have written a 30-page letter. I’ve been known to do such a thing.

But instead, I cried for hours. Happy tears. Prayerful tears. Tears reserved only for life-changing moments.

And this was the result.

My Dearest Lauren,

On this night so perfect,
Of something old, something new,
I want you to know that
I prayed for you.

From Andrew’s first heartbeat
To the one that found you,
For all of his life,
I prayed for you.

From the sparkle in his eyes
To the ease of his smile,
I prayed for the one
Who would make it worthwhile.

The one you see here –
This man of your dreams
Was once the son who believed
He could climb moonbeams.

So I prayed for someone
Who could dream with him too.
You’re the one who completes him.
I’m so thankful it’s you.

His heart is of gold,
Fiercely loyal and true.
And you are the one
He has given it to.

His determination, his spirit,
His drive to succeed.
I prayed for the family
He would one day lead.

You are such a treasure,
Chosen. Adored.
His treasure, now ours.
A Grimes, forevermore.

So live, laugh and love
And hold on for dear life.
It’s your journey now
For you are his wife.

Your story will last
More than borrowed and blue
I know this because
I prayed for you.

I simply adore you.


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