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Almost a Memory

Published in Inspire a Fire, November 5, 2012.

Behind every person lies a story waiting to be revealed. Mine is simple. Shaped by tragedy from the start, I moved on to a life filled with love, laughter, dreams, tears, and a desire to focus only on things that will matter forever. I plan to keep it that way, understanding that those who learn to do this are the ones who never look back with regrets. Still, there comes a time to share the story. And for me, November is that time.

Dealing with the death of my father when I was a baby has never been an option. It was not my choice to accept; it just simply was. Memories, or the lack thereof, left me to do my best to fill in the blanks. It should have been easy to move on. Does it make sense, after all, to miss something you never had?

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