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Oh Sun, Where Art Thou?

Well, another cloudy and foggy day is in store for us today.  Perhaps, we came to the Smoky Mountains by mistake. . .

We would make a quick run to the beach, because that is always magical in and of itself, right?   But, according to the local news,  there is a serial killer on the loose in Daytona Beach, and we are in no mood to become his next victim, so we took that as a sign to stay far, far away.  

Oh well, I am almost in surrender mode in my quest to find the sun.  For those who were jealous that we were coming to Florida without you, I hope this helps to make you feel better.  And you won’t have to worry about us coming home with a tan, so that should help as well.

Back to the real reason we are down here –  the auditions.   Neither Crystal nor Hayley were invited to the next phase of the auditions from yesterday, but they were both OK with that.  Yesterday was a vocal audition, and they were trying to fill one very specific role for a female performer

But, they sang, and that was what we came for.  Their resume’s and photos are in the hands of someone who can help them, and they go back today for another audition; another contact; another hurdle; another experience; another step in the right direction.  Today’s audition is for character look-a-likes and parade performers, which would be right up their alley. 

They are very excited for this opportunity, and have thoroughly enjoyed every step of this process.  They are now much less intimidated and have more reason than ever to believe that this is where they want to start; knowing that any experience they get from Disney will be absolutely priceless. 

So, believing that good things wait for those who leap, they take another leap of faith today.

And then we head home to find the sun.  It is obviously on vacation as well.

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