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So Much To Do ….. So Little Time.

In Memory of Kimberly Jennings Buice.

Tuesday, February Kimberly Jennings Buice23, 2010. My friend, Kim, posted this as a status on Facebook from her mobile phone.

“So much to do….so little time.”

The next evening, she was broadsided while in her car. I have few details on the accident regarding how it happened or what went wrong. She was Life-flighted from Dickson, Tennessee to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville; a definite sign of the seriousness of the situation. She was given a twenty percent chance of survival on that night.

As the waiting room filled with her friends and loved ones, many of whom hadn’t seen her in a few years but followed their instincts to simply go be with her, prayers went up on her behalf all across the country. Those who were able to visit with the family came away with the face of her husband, Tommy, and their two-year-old son, TJ, etched in their hearts forever.

Sadly, because of the damage done by the severe head trauma, Kimberly passed away on Friday, February 26,  just before 5:00 p.m.

The last time we saw Kimberly, she introduced us to her son for the first time, explaining that he was actually a twin. Her face beamed with pride over TJ, but we could sense the pain in her eyes when she spoke of his twin. Motherhood was a perfect match for her.

As a teen, Kimberly was always smiling, as the twinkle in her eyes mirrored her inward happiness. Her entire face lit up when she saw you, as if she had been anticipating your arrival for a long time. Kimberly had a great sense of humor; some might even say it was on the smart-alec side of things. She sat behind us in church for years, always quick to correct us if we got a little too rowdy, even if she was the cause of it.

Just recently, we ran across an old video that had a brief shot of Kim in it. With her broad smile and quick wave, you felt as if she had a secret she couldn’t wait to share. But there was no secret. This was just Kim, always excited to welcome you into her world.

I don’t know what was on Kim’s mind this week when she posted that status update, “so much to do….so little time,” but I’m so thankful that she did.

Because it’s true. There is so little time.

Kimberly’s to-do list was most likely filled with millions of mom things and wife things, work things and life things; all that is required to keep up with the hectic pace of the life she so dearly loved.

I can’t explain why things happen the way that they do. Death doesn’t make much sense from down here. We long to keep our loved ones here with us forever. But life is fragile, even temporary. Heaven is eternal, and the more we can focus our efforts there, the better off we all will be. Kimberly is just our latest reminder of that.

Kimberly, as Jesus opens his arms and welcomes you into Heaven, thank you for pointing us upward and reminding us what matters. We love you. We miss you. We need you. That will never change.

As you help Jesus to prepare a place for us, we will do our best to take care of your husband and son, of your Mom and Dad.

But know that we will be there soon. Very soon.

And we promise to remember what you taught us — that there is so much to do, and oh so little time.

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