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Tribute to those lost from the Antioch High School Class of ’85

This is a poem I wrote for 7 of our lost class members. We had our 25th reunion last month, so we wanted to especially honor them.

Just a Few Days Ago


Janet Morris Grimes

September, 2010

Just a few days ago,

They walked down our halls

Side by side with us, sharing our smiles

Eye to eye during the best of times.

Just a few days ago,

Our dreams were limitless

A million different choices

Just waiting for us to claim them.

Just a few days ago,

We would conquer the world

Together, yet apart

Stronger, because of each other.

Just a few days ago,

We wondered, we wandered

Each forging our own path to an adulthood,

so different than we expected.

Just a few days ago,

Their journey ended, far too soon

Leaving behind a legacy

of friends, laughter, and recaptured memories.

Just a few days ago,

We said good-bye again.

This time, through tears

Painfully aware of our own fragility.

Just a few days ago,

the world stopped turning

long enough for us to feel their touch once again,

if only for a moment.

Our tomorrows will be different

Because of them, our AHS Class of ’85 friends,

To honor them, we ponder Heaven,

where we can walk their halls once again.

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  1. Robin Frelix
    Robin Frelix November 11, 2010

    Again, I appreciate you mentioning my brother Harold Jr. and our sister Yolanda! We (The Frelix Family) really enjoyed the poem. Thank you!

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