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We’re Off to Find the Magic . . .

Sometimes, the most important part of a journey is the part in the middle.  On a winding path, you have to keep walking.  You can’t stop just because you can’t see around the next bend.  As a matter of fact, you have to follow the path , or you’ll never see where it is trying to take you. 

So, tomorrow, Crystal Faith Grimes is going far enough to see what lies next on her path.

This journey began before she was a year old, long before she could stand on her own.  Crawling across the floor, she would pull herself up by anything she could grasp, break into a huge smile and shake her hips to the beat of the music.  It didn’t matter what music – sometimes it seemed as if she heard her own – but she could always feel the music and couldn’t wait to express how it made her feel.  Likewise, when she would be sitting in her carseat, even in her sleep, she would tap her tiny little dancing feet to the music.

So, tomorrow, those dancing feet are taking us to Disney, to see what happens next.   Auditions are a tricky thing, and I’m not sure what makes one person stand out above another.  But, as with dancing, one step leads to another and the experience itself is worth the trip.

The only thing I know at this point is that it is important for us to go – to keep following the path – to believe in the magic. 

Nothing is possible unless you have enough faith to take that leap.  

And we’ve always had that faith – Crystal Faith.

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