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Daddy’s Little Girl

Technically, I suppose this was my first published piece.  Written when I was fourteen years old about the loss of my Daddy, my grandmother saw to it that it was published in her church bulletin on Sunday, November 25, 1990.

Our sister, Marge Morris, submits the following poem in memory of her son, David Morris.  He passed away in November, 1967.  The poem was written by her granddaughter, Janet, who was only six months old at the time of her father’s death.

Daddy’s Little Girl

My mind wanders off, as I sit here alone

To you, my dear father, whom I long to have known.

Your death came so sudden, without leaving a clue

As to which way to turn, or just what I should do.

A life without you, to succeed I must try

But the emptiness I feel still brings tears to my eyes.

My closeness to you, I can’t comprehend

For in you I’ve found my very best friend.

An ever-watchful eye you keep on me,

For my each and every move, you are there to see.

Sometimes I question the reasons involved

For your untimely death, but what would that solve?

I wonder how different it would be

If you were here sharing my life with me.

I understand that this could never be true,

But still, I don’t like this life without you.

I’ve accepted the fact that you’re no longer here

But dream of thoughts of you once again being near.

You’re alive in my heart, there is no doubt.

But the pain’s so intense, I just want to cry out:

“Dear Lord, why him? I so need his love.”

But the question’s soon answered – God needs him above.

O Lord, please forgive me for doubting your purpose.

If it were your will, he would be here among us.

I wait for the day when in heaven we meet,

And you see your daughter all grown and complete.

So now, as I prepare to succeed in this world,

I realize I will always be My Daddy’s Little Girl.

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