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Daddy’s Last Sermon

I often wonder about his message
Just three days before the end.
Did he lay it on the line
And choose the perfect hymn?

Was his voice deeper than before?
Did tears fall from his eyes?
Did he hammer home the love of God?
Did he answer how and why?

Did he hug each member tighter
At the church exit doors?
As he passed the torch to others
Did he wish he’d given more?

Did he spend hours praying
For the right words to leave behind?
Or did his life do the talking?
“Seek, and you will find.”

Did he live with no regrets?
Did he know of few tomorrows?
Did he know how much he matters
as the decades ebb and flow?

Did he cradle me in his arms
to pass on his legacy?

I’d give anything to remember.
But at last, I finally see.

For all the words he spoke to others,
img_5724Daddy’s last sermon was me.

Yes, my Daddy’s last sermon is me.

John 14:23 – Anyone who loves me will listen to my to my voice and obey.

Janet Morris Grimes
November 14, 2016

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