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I’d Choose Him

published on Inspire a Fire May 16, 2018, in honor of a dear friend of ours, Rick Lowry.


We lost a very dear friend a couple of weeks ago. Young, (by our standards) vibrant, full of life. The kind of gentle soul who lit up a room, and took the time to greet each person he passed. There was no chance of feeling invisible when he was around. He made a point to seek you out, to ask how you were doing, to pause long enough for conversation and to deepen a friendship.

His laughter was contagious, and his eyes in a permanent twinkle, like he was about to spill a secret that might allow you to be as happy as he was.

He served as the sparkplug in our church, and it’s difficult to imagine entering through those doors without him waiting there.

But I only saw him on Sunday mornings, so I know it is much worse for his wife and three young adult sons who remain in complete shock.


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I’d Choose Him



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